Our story

Welcome to the world of Packarella, a project born out of friendship and a shared love for art. We're just two longtime pals who, one spring, found ourselves racking our brains for a unique birthday gift. We wanted something more than just a present; we wanted to create an experience.

That's when it hit us. What if we could combine our love for art with the joy of giving? What if we could make someone's day a little brighter, a little more colorful? With these thoughts, Packarella was born.

Our kits are carefully crafted with two things in mind - positivity and kindness. We believe that art has the power to uplift and inspire, and we wanted to share that with everyone. Each kit is a small piece of our heart, a token of our belief in the power of art to bring joy.

Packarella's story is just beginning, and every kit we create adds another page to our tale. We hope that our kits can add a touch of color and a sprinkle of joy to your day, just as they have to ours.